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Launch Your Information Empire 

Completely revised and updated

Are you ready to leave behind the grind of earning revenue only when you are delivering services? Whether you're an independent expert attracted by the idea of earning money while you're sailing in a tropical bay or you work for a company eager to profit from deeper offerings to your niche, this step-by-step coaching program propels you toward that goal.

There's no need to wait until you research all the strategies and how-to's, and no need to blunder around making avoidable - and expensive - mistakes. With the Launch Your Information Empire Program, you figure out your best starting options for creating information products, understanding the quickest and most profitable plans of action as well as the pitfalls to avoid. Months from now, you will have started creating new streams of income.

The Dream and the Reality

In the 1990s, my husband and I would sit in our living room opening bins full of envelopes, then stacking checks and money orders in one pile and dollar bills in another heap so high they'd begin to topple over. These days it's not as much work to count the money, but it's just as much fun to tell each other how many orders came in while we were sleeping, enjoying the outdoors or traveling for weeks and months at a time.

I'm marketing expert Marcia Yudkin, and over the years, I've kept my eye on lots of people and companies building a system to bring in millions of this kind of income and watched others struggling to make it work. Still others obliviously toil day after day to earn money from their talents without any inkling of a more satisfying, more flexible way.

If you dream of creating passive income for yourself or your company, the Launch Your Information Empire Program dramatically cuts your mistakes, multiplies your payoff and most importantly, gets you up and running wisely in the direction of big profits.

Who is Marcia Yudkin?
I created my first product at age 9, when I wrote and published a little newspaper for my relatives that my mother mimeo'd at the school where she worked (remember the delicious smell of that purple ink?). Since then, my entrepreneurial successes have included producing video and audio programs, including a tape selected by Writer's Digest Book Club and Sounds True catalog; creating and selling reports, teleclasses, weekend seminars, books, online training courses, Kindle ebooks and more; and advising clients worldwide on information products.

Learn Winning Strategies and the Most Efficient Tactics

Are you making the most of your intellectual property, information assets and knowledge? Probably not. Are you turning ideas into products as quickly, efficiently and profitably as you could be? Probably not. Are you enabling people who are ravenous to learn to do so as deeply as they want to? Probably not.

Enroll in this multifaceted program and you will not have to learn how to create your information empire by failing! Here's just a small portion of the hard-won wisdom that helps you get on track and stay on track:

  • Seven proven business models for selling products, along with real-world examples and the advantages and disadvantages of each, so you can choose the model that's right for you... or mix and match for a feasible combination
  • Best starting points for generating an empire from scratch or building on what you've already accomplished
  • The best quick-start product formats (teleclasses? printed anthologies? tips? live seminars? - you'll find out which I most recommend!) Also, why an abandoned or outdated project may be ripe for resurrection
 "I started this program knowing that I ought to be selling things but without any plan for how to do it. Learning how to create a system that moves people from visiting my web site to purchasing high-end products was definitely worth what I paid. I loved listening to the recordings with my feet up and pencil in my lap. The handouts were complete, professional and generous -- with resources, research, a helpful marketing calendar and case studies. Everything I need to develop and sell information products was included. In fact, I've already completed my first tips booklet that I'm going to use as a lead-in to higher-end products. Thanks, Marcia!" - Lynn Gaertner-Johnston, Syntax Training, Seattle, WA
  • Get an online store up and running within two weeks! How to find and sell other people's products right away while you work on creating your own
  • Eager to help your target market learn precisely what they need to know for success? Discover the hidden pitfall in this urge that can lead to products no one wants
  • The tricky business of perceived value: 16 factors that add value in the eyes of buyers, including reassurances about what might be the scariest item for you in that bunch
  • Trends in infoproduct appeal: Discover what formats people want to buy now and whether or not certain popularities have peaked
  • Fun ways of packaging services so people have multiple methods of buying expertise
  • Product design: The smart strategy that enables you to get just-created products on the market without delay, plus reliable vendors for supplies you may need
"When I started Marcia's class, I was totally burnt out, working as many hours in real estate marketing as I humanly could. Now I understand how to exponentially explode my income by working less. I know how to get started, how to attract traffic, how to earn money right from the start and how to develop my line of products to make even more money. There was so much fabulous content packed into each session, and best of all, Marcia saved me a lot of wasted time and money by showing me which ideas would have never brought in much money and which are worth developing." - Kathy Goughenour, The Goughenour Group, Black, MO
  • Why your instincts about how to set prices may be disastrously off base, and how to find the pricing sweet spot of maximum profits
  • Why the most experienced and accomplished information marketers do only a portion of their selling online and why some seemingly costly offline methods of marketing are actually a bargain
  • Smartest ways to recruit an enthusiastic sales force who happily work for you on commission, along with others who promote what you sell for no financial payoff whatsoever
  • Distinctions between cross-selling, upselling, preselling and reselling and why each plays a vital role in your system of generating profits
  • The importance of offering ultra-high-priced options even if you think no one will buy them
"Thanks, Marcia, for opening up a real flood of profit-saturated ideas for re-doing our own products. You immediately helped us create more than $28,000 in new products, with virtually no new work! You really are a genius at helping people find their best marketing path, building the proper tools, and making success happen!" - Hakim Chishti, Chairman & CEO, IMC Digital Universe, LLC
  • Joint venture how-to's! Ways to convince someone who may not know you to promote your wares to their customer base
  • Secrets of getting no-cost, high-return media coverage for your products - my specialty for more than 20 years
  • Not sure how to sell online or on paper? The eight indispensable elements that establish credibility, address unspoken doubts or fears and persuade readers to buy
  • Reluctant to "bother customers" by contacting them too often? Tips on frequency of contacts and the dynamics of staying in customers' minds
"Unlike other seminars, which assume you already know your target market, this one helped me figure out my prime market to pursue first. Then I was excited to listen to the rest of the classes because I knew where I was headed. Now I'm on track for an April launch for my first big information product, so the program was definitely worthwhile." - Marcia Layton Turner, Penfield, NY
  • Why you may be investing much too little in getting and retaining customers, with examples of profitable information marketing math
  • The psychology of "raving fans" and the little gestures that turn them into ultra-loyal customers and referral sources 
  • What no one tells you about merchant credit card accounts and what you must know to avoid business-killing disasters
  • The nitty-gritty of shopping carts and order forms made so simple and easy to use that just about everyone who starts to order actually does
  • Foundational information marketing principles that have stood the test of time, as well as product development moguls worth watching because they have lasted and thrived
  • Hokey but effective vs. hokey and deadly: the crucial differences when it comes to motivating prospects to place their order
  • When and how to use pay-per-click advertising, print ads and online content to attract customers
"For a beginner, this program gives everything you need to get started, and if you're more advanced, you get all the tools you need to take your system of products to the next level. My two biggest lessons: how to think three steps ahead and how to take my product - now almost ready to go - to the right market, so that it all pays off. The content was great, and I especially loved the research that I'll want to go back to later and explore more deeply. Highly recommended!" - Wayne Landt, Chicago, IL
  • The power of payment terms! Just make sure you don't do one thing that turns some customers sour on you
  • Eleven honest ways to head off refund requests, so that you keep your well-earned revenue
  • Whether it's low-priced or high-priced, what else needs to accompany the product delivery and why
  • Eight specific examples of marketing funnels to help you understand what's necessary for maximizing revenue
  • Three sample press releases and four sample lead-generating ads to use as models for generating interest in your information products
  • And dozens of other details and strategies that help you become an information mogul

You Get Roadmaps to Follow

If you've ever tried to learn to speak a language, play a musical instrument or repair cars on your own, you know there's no substitute for pointers from a knowledgeable, supportive teacher. Creating and selling information products is much the same. An experienced guide saves you from harmful blunders and dead ends, cuts your learning time and confirms it when you're proceeding correctly.

"Most Internet marketing courses that I'd previously taken left me thinking I couldn't actually achieve their promised level of success. This program was different. Because of all the business models Marcia described, I felt confident I could create a system that would work for me. The program is perfect for someone who's not looking for a cookie cutter system (which probably isn't going to work anyway), but who wants to create solid Internet business success their way. I was able to determine the core product for my back-end strategy, I now know exactly which steps will make the business work financially, and I've already begun laying the groundwork." - Andrea Conway,

Eight well-organized lessons demonstrate how to tackle first things first and details later.  You get instant access to the course materials as soon as you finish signing up.

Here's how the program launches you as an Information Emperor:

  1. Listen lesson by lesson to the audios. Each recorded lesson lasts 40-80 minutes, ending with a specific homework assignment in which you apply the ideas and watch your information empire take shape. A handout for each lesson contains a detailed outline of the content along with reference links and other resources. What works best is listening while looking at the handout and taking notes on it.
  2. Make the concepts yours in practical homework assignments. Each lesson ends with an action step that get you focused and moving forward on creating your information products and marketing them to a target audience. 
  3. Refer to the supplementary materials for resources and further ideas. The bonus tools and manuals you receive offer additional guidance in developing creative product ideas, brainstorming, writing and promoting:
  • Information Marketing: Your First PDF Report (PDF) - Follow the step-by-step process in this manual to get your first PDF report intelligently completed and ready for purchase on your site
  • Information Marketing: Your First Audio Product (PDF) - If you'd rather sell your information in audio format, learn how to do that without advanced equipment or technical know-how
  • Information Marketing: Your First Kindle Ebook (PDF) - Although not necessarily a big moneymaker, discover how to post ebooks on Amazon and similar worldwide marketplaces to attract new customers
  • Advanced Guide to Information Marketing (PDF) -  Discover more than 120 ways to serve your niche with clever, ever-multiplying products and services
  • Bullets With Bite (PDF) - Understand how to write juicy bullet points that help persuade strangers to press the "buy" button
  • EXCLUSIVE, AVAILABLE NOWHERE ELSE: One-Year Marketing Plan (PDF) - A month-by-month framework of to-do's to make the launch of your information empire a roaring success
  • Eight Client Consultations (Audios) - Listen to me talk eight different information product creators through their challenges, questions and confusions about product conceptualization, opt-in pieces, pricing, product descriptions and marketing strategy
"Your information marketing course has been tremendously helpful, saving me months of research and years of experience. It is worth more than the price I paid for it." - Lei Wang, Parramatta, NSW, Australia

"This course enlarged my thinking about product development beyond ebooks and free reports to a whole universe of avenues down which I could easily imagine taking my business. A big 'aha' was that my file cabinets are full, and all I need to do is massage my content into packages and bundles. It's easier than I thought! And in the two months since finishing the course, just one idea - that I'm going to get sick of my message long before my customers will - has already put a lot of extra money into my pocket, almost double what I paid for the program." - Claire O'Connor, Enchanted Home, Milford, NJ

All together, the structured step-by-step lessons and "keeper" resources ensure that you move as quickly as possible out of the realm of dreams into real-world revenue, loads of it!

And How Much for All That?

If you nervously estimated and tallied up the probable cost of this proven program, relax! It's not $10,000, not $8,000 or even $5,000.

It's just $497, with a firm money-back guarantee: Sign up and complete Lessons #1 and #2. If you're not confident that my approach and the course material put you on the road to success, simply ask for and receive a complete refund. This guarantee is valid as long as you have not gone beyond Lessons #1 and #2.

"Launch Your Information Empire was well-organized, the topics well sequenced, and the balanced emphasis on both the creative side and the practical business aspect of generating products exactly what I signed up for. It opened my eyes to some product development ideas, showed me how to use an integrated marketing approach and revived my interest in distributing products that use the written word. I've got the audios in my car now and am looking forward to listening to the course again. I hesitated to pay that much, but I got value for every dollar spent!" - Nancy Edmonds Hanson, Hanson Photo. Video. Communications, Fargo, ND 
Get Started Now!

Remember, the sooner you get going on building your information empire, the sooner you are cashing in on the opportunities you already have. Remember too that as you grow your information empire larger and deeper, you'll have the audio lessons, supplementary reports, marketing plan and handouts included in the Launch Your Information Empire Program to refer to indefinitely for review and fresh inspiration again and again.

"Marcia Yudkin is a marketer whose intelligence, critical reasoning skills and creativity set her apart from the crowd." - Peter Schaible, Director, Subscription Website Publishers Association (SWEPA)

Please let me know ([email protected]) if you have any questions about whether or not this is right for you. 

Sign up today and get started on your future!

Marcia Yudkin

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Lesson 1: Why Infoproducts?

  • 2

    Lesson 2: Fundamental Principles of Building an Information Empire

    • Lesson 2 Audio

    • Lesson 2 Handout

  • 3

    Lesson 3: 7 Information Empire Business Models

    • Lesson 3 Audio

    • Lesson 3 Handout

  • 4

    Lesson 4: Creating Information Products

    • Lesson 4 Audio

    • Lesson 4 Handout

    • Your First PDF Report (Supplementary Report)

    • Your First Audio Product (Supplementary Report)

    • Your First Kindle Ebook (Supplementary Report)

    • Client Consultation on Infoproduct Components (Supplementary Audio)

  • 5

    Lesson 5: Pricing, Perceived Value and Packages

    • Lesson 5 Audio

    • Lesson 5 Handout

    • Advanced Guide to Information Marketing (Supplementary Report)

    • Client Consultation on Creating a High-End Offering (Supplementary Audio)

    • Client Consultation on Product Pricing Principles (Supplementary Audio)

    • Client Consultation on Premium Pricing (Supplementary Audio)

  • 6

    Lesson 6: Sales Alliances

    • Lesson 6 Audio

    • Lesson 6 Handout

    • Client Consultation on Joint Ventures (Supplementary Audio)

  • 7

    Lesson 7: Secrets to Selling

    • Lesson 7 Audio

    • Lesson 7 Handout

    • Bullets With Bite (Supplementary Report)

    • Client Consultation on Product Descriptions (Supplementary Audio)

  • 8

    Lesson 8 Marketing

    • Lesson 8 Audio

    • Lesson 8 Handout

    • 12-Month Marketing Plan (Supplementary Report)

    • Client Consultation on Bait Piece (Supplementary Audio)

    • Client Consultation on Autoresponders (Supplementary Audio)

  • 9

    What Next?

    • Additional Courses from Marcia Yudkin